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Service scope
My company to provide equipment installation, maintenance, maintenance, etc. Series of services, during the warranty period of equipment for repair, annual maintenance, inspection, to continue to provide after the equipment renewal contract to guarantee the same service.
The warranty policy
Repair or modification shall contact my company consultation, improper repair or modification may result in electric shock and fire.
Where my company sold products, since the date of sold one year warranty.
Warranty period, the correct use of operating conditions, such as a product that is manufacturing caused by quality problems, free maintenance.
Warranty period, if the supplier quality cause equipment damage, my company is responsible for the maintenance, cost consultation by both parties.
Outside the warranty period, our company is to provide technical services, also can be extended by warranty renewal contract, cost consultation by both parties.
Warranty return policy
Within 7 days from the date of sold products, serious fault, assigned personnel on-site confirmation by our company can't repair can replacement.
Due to logistics company transfer broke, machine body deformation damage can't use can replace.
Spare parts from the date of sold, free exchange within three months.
Products sold since 7 days, because of a serious fault, the machine doesn't work, can I return machine.
Repair request, shall provide the following details
Equipment models, see the warranty card.
The factory number and date of installation, see the warranty card.
Detailed description of the fault.
Your name, address and telephone number.
Of the following does not belong to the warranty scope
Customer damage is caused due to the improper use, maintenance, custody.
The company designated guest service personnel to repair damage, including customer modification or open repair itself.
No production date or proof of warranty card.
Models with proof of purchase date or discrepancy.
Due to irresistible natural disasters or use environmental damage is caused (including plant circuit).
Not the real thing, has more than warranty period of products.